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Image Search Parameters

The API has endpoints for querying our data in which you can use free text search together with one or more of the following filters:

ip: (string)

Search by IP address or CIDR.

e.g ip:"" or ip:

port: (int)

Search by port number.

e.g. port:80

country: (string)

Search using ISO2 Country Codes.

e.g. country:ES

geoip.country_name: (string)

Search using country names.

e.g. geoip.country_name:spain

geoip.city_name: (string)

Search using city names.

e.g. geoip.city_name:madrid

asn: (int)

Search by ASN.

e.g. asn:4812

as_name: (string)

Search by AS name.

e.g. as_name:amazon

tags: (string)

Search by tags. Can be mobile, rdp, vnc, windows, x11.

e.g. tags:mobile

Can be:

  • rdp
  • windows
  • vnc
  • has_faces
  • x11
  • mobile

words: (string)

Search by words found by OCR.

e.g. words:alarm

has_faces: (boolean)

Search for images with faces detected.

e.g. has_faces:true

height: (int)

Search by image height (supports ranges).

e.g. height:1024

width: (int)

Search by image width (supports ranges).

e.g. width:768

ts: (date)

Search by timestamp.

    ts:[2018-09-01 TO 2018-10-01]


Free Text: not specifying a field will search on the full records, which can include other information not stated above.

Conditionals: the following conditionals are available: NOT, AND, OR. Must be UPPERCASE. You can also use the minus sign (-) as a replacement for the NOT conditional.

String fields caveat: if the string is expected to have spaces or some kind of punctuation in the middle, instead of querying field:value try instead field.keyword:"value". The first one will search for any occurrence of any of the words in value, while the second one will search for an exact match of the string.

Field existence or omission: you can search for records that have a specific field by using _exists_:field. Conversely, for records missing a field it would be NOT _exists_:field.