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The AMQP module attempts to connect to an AMQP server and extract server properties.

AMQP Request Example

curl -v -L -d '{"type":"scan", "options":[{"targets":["X.X.X.X"], "ports":[{"port":5672, "protocol":"tcp", "modules":["amqp"]}]}]}' -H "X-Token:<Token>"


AMQP Event Schema

  "result": {
    "data": {
      "cluster_name": "string",
      "version": "string",
      "platform": "string",
      "capabilities": {
        "connection.blocked": "boolean",
        "direct_reply_to": "boolean",
        "per_consumer_qos": "boolean",
        "publisher_confirms": "boolean",
        "exchange_exchange_bindings": "boolean",
        "basic.nack": "boolean",
        "consumer_priorities": "boolean",
        "authentication_failure_close": "boolean",
        "consumer_cancel_notify": "boolean"
      "product": "string"

Contents of the fields

  • product - AMQP Software (Example: RabbitMQ)
  • version - AMQP Software version
  • platform - Platform / Erlang version
  • cluster_name - Name given to the cluster
  • capabilities - Capabilities of the server
    • connection.blocked - Broker able to send a connection.blocked method to the client when the connection gets blocked
    • direct_reply_to - Allows RPC clients to avoid declaring a response queue per request
    • per_consumer_qos - Allows the definition of QoS per consumer
    • publisher_confirms - Allows Publisher Confirms
    • exchange_exchange_bindings - Allows Exchange to Exchange Bindings
    • basic.nack - Allows Negative Acknowledgements
    • consumer_priorities - Allows Consumer Priorities
    • authentication_failure_close - Allows explicit authentication failure notifications
    • consumer_cancel_notify - Allows the broker to send a basic.cancel to the client if the consumption stopped for some reason

AMQP Event Example

  "result": {
    "data": {
      "cluster_name": "rabbit@rabbitmq",
      "version": "3.7.17",
      "platform": "Erlang/OTP 22.0.7",
      "capabilities": {
        "connection.blocked": true,
        "direct_reply_to": true,
        "per_consumer_qos": true,
        "publisher_confirms": true,
        "exchange_exchange_bindings": true,
        "basic.nack": true,
        "consumer_priorities": true,
        "authentication_failure_close": true,
        "consumer_cancel_notify": true
      "product": "RabbitMQ"